The Bentinck would like to welcome everyone to enjoy the facilities provided at the Welfare. Membership can be applied for at any time and renewed annually.

There is also the opportunity to sign in on the night (just ask a member of the staff and they will help!) remember you must sign in or be a member to use any of the Welfare section or even to be served at the bar.

Terms and conditions to be agreed.


The Bentinck’s history goes back at least 80 years though no-one is too sure about when exactly it was set up.  If anyone out there has any information regarding this club’s history, then we would be pleased to hear from you.   It was one of several local miners’ clubs which were established to help the miners and their families.  Sadly, most of the others have closed down but Bentinck is working hard to stay open and to keep serving the local community.


The links to the local community are very clear to see.  These remain strong.

One ladies visit

Arriving on a Sunday, there was plenty going on, in and around the club, apart from the preparations for the afternoon’s panto.  A local angling association was holding a meeting in one of the downstairs rooms whilst outside, it was all go on the football pitch with many youngsters and their families.  The pitch belongs to the club and they let it be used by Quarrydale.  There are a number of games held on a Sunday morning, one after the other.

Michael Murray from the management team gave me a very thorough tour around the club, pointing out what improvements had been made and what they are planning to do in the near future.  Of course it all costs money, but they are aware, the club needed sprucing up and modernising in some areas to keep the customers happy.  I think they have done a good job so far.


Community Members and Trustee’s required, Would you be prepared to help keep the Bentinck Community facility open and viable, if so please use the contact page on this web site and let us have your details.
So if you think you could help with the creation of new section at the Welfare the committee would like to speak with you, please contact via the form on the contacts page.

Would you like to work on the door at Bentinck Welfare. You must be prepared to work Saturday night If so please contact 01623 752284 and leave your contact details or e-mail