Update 30th July

£25,000 Investment in new heating system for Bentinck

We are delighted to confirm that the work to replace our central heating system, as now started. This  work is expected to take two months. Currently we have to heat a single pipe system, that is expensive and as very little control to pre/selected parts of the building.

Work on the down stairs installation of the system as been completed and tested for the first time, we will need to learn how to best use the system so patience will be a key word till staff fully understand what temperatures and start times are to be used.

The system as been carefully planned with heat loss calculations used so each radiator position as been carefully selected to get the best results.

The new system will consist of two 28 kw heat only boilers. One for upstairs and one for the down stairs. All the radiator’s will have thermostatic heat control and be fully adjustable by our staff.

The main upstairs room will be heated by two large heater blower units one at each end of the room, to circulate the heat, the units will also have the ability to blow air around the room in summer to help keep patrons more comfortable in hot weather. The rest of the upstairs will be heated by radiators same as down stairs.

All the toilets in the main building will also have new under sink water heaters fitted on mains pressure. This will help costs and provide hot water quickly to our sinks.

It is hoped that through these improved facilities this will make the rooms more attractive to hire.

Great care as been taken in organizing  this major up grade to the building and we would hope that this installation will course no major disruption to the way the club runs.  But could we ask for your consideration whilst the work is in progress.


The club for some time now as had free wifi through CLOUD. If you wish to connect to this system please follow the following instruction.

1 Turn of your roaming, on your device.

2 Select ‘_The Cloud‘ from the available network list.

4. Open your internet browser – the venue landing page will appear. If it is your first time using The Cloud WiFi network, follow the simple one-time registration process by sharing some simple details.

We will always strive to be on top of any possibility that may cause harm or just need repair. We would encourage everyone to be our additional eyes and ears in the club and report anything that you may believe could course harm to member or guest’s.If yo do feel you wish to report some thing, then we would be obliged if you would in the first instance advice the bar staff on duty , who will record it and email it to the team involved in getting repairs etc. As quick as possible. Or you could go to the contacts page on the clubs web site and go to the contacts page.

On that note there appears to be a certain belief that John Taylor (trustee) is the clubs handyman.? Could I clarify that John’s role is to arrange to have repairs or improvements made by contacting professional tradesmen. When you do see John making repairs or improvement’s in the club it is purely voluntary on his behalf.


Whilst we understand that bingo is not everyone’s cup of tea, the club is a club and has provided bingo for it members for many years. It is a tradition and a welcome activity to many members. It is also a very important revenue stream for the charity and provides many of the comforts enjoyed by those, who don’t play bingo. We therefore ask members and visitors alike to respect this part of the night and show consideration when bingo is played.

We do provide other rooms within the club were members and visitors can talk which can be accessed whilst bingo games are in progress.