Update 9th November



There was on three members attended the 2017 AGM

it is the assumption of the Committee that this means that everyone is happy with what as taken place throughout 2016/7

Two issues  were discussed

  • Smoking shelter and smoke

The Committee will make an effort to repair the smoking shelter, also signs will be put up around the doors asking members and visitor not to smoke inside or on the steps of the building as this will bring them in breach of the 2010 smoking regulation and could lead top them getting a fine.

  • Membership cost

It was agreed that the Committee look at the issue of membership cost and produce a report for consideration.

  1. That all members pay for membership
  2. That visitor control and payments be brought up to date as there as been no adjustment for some years.
  3. That members should have identifiable benefit from being a member.


The club for some time now as had free wifi through CLOUD. If you wish to connect to this system please follow the following instruction.

1 Turn of your roaming, on your device.

2 Select ‘_The Cloud‘ from the available network list.

4. Open your internet browser – the venue landing page will appear. If it is your first time using The Cloud WiFi network, follow the simple one-time registration process by sharing some simple details.

We will always strive to be on top of any possibility that may cause harm or just need repair. We would encourage everyone to be our additional eyes and ears in the club and report anything that you may believe could course harm to member or guest’s.If yo do feel you wish to report some thing, then we would be obliged if you would in the first instance advice the bar staff on duty , who will record it and email it to the team involved in getting repairs etc. As quick as possible. Or you could go to the contacts page on the clubs web site www.bentinckmw.com and go to the contacts page.

On that note there appears to be a certain belief that John Taylor (trustee) is the clubs handyman.? Could I clarify that John’s role is to arrange to have repairs or improvements made by contacting professional tradesmen. When you do see John making repairs or improvement’s in the club it is purely voluntary on his behalf.

Fireworks Display

We had our first fireworks display for some year. Firstly can I thank the gate staff for there hard work on the night. i also would like to thank everyone who supported the event. What a great turn out and so many new faces.

The event will now be a annual event with even better displays and lots more to do next time.

If you enjoyed the event please let us know through the contact page.

Any sensible suggestion we be concidered for next years display

Please keep supporting The Bentinck as it the last of its type in the area.